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1, PVC embossed opaque Film(Vinyl Film, Vinyl Sheet, PVC Sheet, PVC sheeting) has perfect lay-flat, beautiful color choose. It have more than 200 kind of emboss grain can be chosen. Use for audio box, gift box, furniture, particle panel laminates, PVC overlay, hot laminate on aluminum foil, steel panel for door, marine, ceiling, also can be vacuum forming for cabinet door. Thickness: 0.08mm-0.50mm. Width: 1240mm- 1420mm
2, PVC Super Clear Transparent Films.
(Sdpc, Super Double Polishing Clear Films)
It is a high-grade product among vinyl Films in international market in recent years, It has high brightness and good transparency just like glass. It fits to make transparent packing bags, tents, windows, weather blinds, boat cover, marine window, high-grade transparent inflated toys and other products with high transparency requirements. these products have crystal luster and strong vision effect. We always produce it in thickness from 0.10mm till 3.00mm, width from 1200mm till1800mm, Phr Is 18 to 68, 1H,1S,2S,3S etc.
3, PVC Stationery Film. PVC stationery films are mainly used to manufacture office utensil such as folders, 3 ring binder. The products are characterized by good cold resisting (-15 C), low shrinkage(< 3.5%), good stability in product size. We always produce it in thickness from 0.15mm till 0.32mm, width from 1200mm till 1420mm, Phr is 28 to 34.
4, PVC Spray Printing Film. Spray printing films is applicable for digital printing, such as lamp box, street nameplate, exhibition board and posters. It has good absorbability to Ink, being applied, the ink forms uniformly even light ink can also from image and ink from distinct Layers. It is perfect base material for spray printing. We always produce it in thickness from 0.07mm till 0.25mm, Width from 1200mm till 1620mm, Phr Is 24 to 38.
5, General Use Film, PVC Films for adhesive coating and flocked applications, offering a comprehensive range of high quality products, That Product good for coating, printing and converting lines, as well as in others field.
Special products be able to flame resistant, cold crack resistant, Un-Abrasion, EN71-3, ASTM F963, RoHS, Reach norms, 2005/84/Ec(Non-Phthalate) etc.

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