PVC Deco Sheet

PVC Deco Sheet is a thicker PVC Membrane Foil For Door & MDF, The PVC Deco Sheet is principally for interior decoration, like as furniture, kitchen cabinet, interior door, window ledge, skirting line etc. It could also undergo hot vacuum form pressing for door, cabinet, wrapping for types of MDF, polywood, particle board etc.

Product Description

PVC Deco Sheet 

PVC Deco Sheet is a thicker PVC Membrane Foil For Door & MDF, The PVC Deco Sheet is principally for interior decoration, like as furniture, kitchen cabinet, interior door, window ledge, skirting line etc. It could also undergo hot vacuum form pressing  for door, cabinet, wrapping for types of MDF, polywood, particle board etc. This PVC Deco Sheet is increasingly popular in interior decoration market because it’s public of excellent figures.

We have more than 200 kind of emboss grain can be choose. Over 500 kind printing design, like teak, oak, cherry, pine, sapele, maple, walnut, beech, etc. PVC wood pattern membrane foil or solid color opaque pattern, matt surface or high glossy surface all available, any color all could be matched here.

1, Lower toxicity than melamine yet others.

2, Good shrinkage and flatness to laminating.

3, Strong wood sense, multiple texture and color, steady printing.

4, No delaminating or whiten after folding.

5, Resistant against warmth weather chemical and abrasion.

6, Simple to process, shorten time and lower the price.

Thicknessmm0.12-0.50  ( ±  0.02)
Specific gravityg/cm31.4
Tensile  Strengthkg/cm²
DIN 52455
>200100 mm/min
DIN 52455
MD<190100 mm/min
Gloss  60º60º<14
Embossing Retention
No Loss of Embossing80º, 10 min.
Gloss Retention
No Change80º, 10 min
Scratch resistanceCN90Erichson 435
Dimensional Stability%<5DIN 53377
100ºc, 10 min

Pass  (4 hours)Lemon Peel

Pass  (4 hours)10% Citric Acid

Pass  (4 hours)Mineral Oil

Pass  (4 hours)Sodium-Hypochlorite

Pass  (4 hours)Sweet Milk

Pass  (4 hours)Red Wine
Stain Resistance
Pass  (4 hours)Banana Peel

Pass  (4 hours)10% Sulfuric Acid

Pass  (4 hours)10% Hydrochloric-Acid

Pass  (4 hours)10% Sodium-Hydroxide

Pass  (4 hours)Cola

Pass  (4 hours)Spinach

Pass  (4 hours)Coffee


A, Why PVC?

PVC is a thermoplastic made of 57% chlorine (derived from industrial grade salt) and 43% carbon (derived predominantly from oil / gas via ethylene). It is less dependent than other polymers on crude oil or natural gas, which are nonrenewable, and hence can be regarded as a natural resource saving plastic, in contrast to plastics such as PE, PP, PET and PS, which are totally dependent on oil or gas. And this chlorine gives to PVC excellent fire resistance.

PVC is the material with the lowest total cost and also with the shortest pay-back period for all the products.

Our PVC film and PVC leather has a very tight surface structure which results in a glossy surface that colors beautifully. All of our PVC formulations are RoHS, REACH Compliant and do not include phthalate plasticizers. They have meet SVHC-Substances of Very High Concern of EU.

B, Why choose us?

We start our business since 1996, just only work on PVC products.

ISO9001:2000 certificated.

Our company introduces the Taiwans' advanced production equipment and advanced technology, innovation and on this basis to improve.

Export PVC film and PVC leather around the world.

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