Plastics Panel Laminating

Plastics Panel Laminating

1, After PVC wood garin film laminating with plastics hollow sheet, both outward appearance and quality feeling can achieve wood made systematic furniture level. The end product is relevant to indoor partition, cabinet, kitchenware, bathroom, locker, room and toilet door board. The different plastics hollow sheet laminated with PVC wood sheeting could be extensively employed for building decoration and fabric.

2, The merchandise is mainly employed for indoor partition decoration board, bathroom locker, PVC window sill,foamed ceiling, Celuka floor, plastics floor and ceramic tile.

3, PVC wallboard is relevant to interior wall and ceiling board use, for example office, meeting room, warehouse, bathroom, garage, corridor and green house. The ornamental wallboard and ceiling board individuals carry waterproof property in bathroom getting noble and elegant outward appearance, lightweight and simple construction once they are laminated with decorative PVC decorative wooden grain sheeting created by the organization.

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