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Pick Right PVC Leather Products

Jul. 09, 2020

Plasland Plastics has a wide variety of PVC Leather. We are providing the high quality PVC leather products for all of your upholstery needs to the vehicles or furniture items as a leading company. Our products cater to different markets and are fast replacing genuine leather due to its unique features. We have a multi-processing setup which gives us the ability to manufacture both solid and expanded Leather Cloth with an option of unsupported and supported specifications. Be it automotive, home goods, stationary, footwear, fashion or furnishings, you will see our products everywhere! Plasland Plastics adds specific features to its artificial leather range to meet the usability standards. You will see our products having unique features such as stain resistance and temperature stabilization for automotive, while cold crack and high abrasion resistance for footwear. 

Plasland Plastics manufactures most of its textile substrate requirements in-house in order to maintain quality consistency. From non-woven, polyesters, nylon, cotton to specific blends, no matter what your substrate and product requirement, we have got you covered. Unparallel design range with over 300 embossing designs and 500 print designs to choose from.
Reason for Purchasing Our PVC Leather Products
The PVC leather is widely used to manufacture the electrical and plumbing pipes in the constructions. These days, the wide range of the companies are offering the PVC leather so you can choose the best place to purchase the high-quality leather at the affordable price. It exists in different household products such as clothing, toys and much more. We have the broad range of the synthetic PVC leather cloths. Our product is great replacing the genuine leather because of its quality and feature. We have the ability to manufacture the solid leather cloth and expanded leather cloths with the supported specification.
Pick Right PVC Leather Products
With the help of the latest technology and high-quality material, we provide the best pvc leather to our customers. Our experts are highly-qualified and experienced in this field so they provide the exclusive provides to our valuable clients. We operate the different process to manufacture the lather products such as 3 coating lines, 3 tumbling machine, 2 lamination, 4 pilot sampling machines, 2 multi-colors printing, and others. We can manufacture the PVC leather up to 2 meters. So you can buy the products as per your choice and needs.
Why should you choose Our Product?
We are one of the leading PVC product manufactures in the market. We have years of experience in the field so we provide the affordable and effective products to everyone. Our pvc leather has unique features such as temperature stabilization, high abrasion resistance, stain resistance, cold crack and much more. These features attract the people to buy our products. There is lot of reason why you should purchase our products such as

High-quality raw material
Affordable price
Use of latest technology
Focus on the production field of PVC leather
Total quality management system
Offering 100% finished products and others

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