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Global Searches of Keyword PVC Film on December 14th, 2018

Dec. 19, 2018

Plasland Plastics Co., Limited is a leading manufacturer of PVC Film and related PVC products. By adhering to combine introduction and innovation as well as to constantly absorb the advanced techniques and experience from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany, Italy since its establishment, the company now has developed to become a supplier integrating the new style design, development, production, color treatment and sales for diversified kinds of PVC materials. The Capability is over 1,800,000 metres per month, and its PVC Film is widely sold to the U.S., Europe, South Africa, Russia, Australia, the Middle East, East Asia. We not only can do a good job on the manufacturing, but also know every aspect about the PVC Film as we keep checking the global search for it. Today we would like to share some statistics about it with you.

KeywordCost/MoSEO DifficultyGlobal SearchesBroad CTR
PVC Film17.4501.9k0.027
adhesive films2.4471.3k0.037
PET film tape048100.042
pvc films wholesalers05100
self adhesive film3.6647200.034

From the above statistics, we can know that most of the keywords about PVC Film are not difficult.

Most of Keywords' Cost/Mo is less than 4$, only one is higher, which is from "PVC Film".

Most of Keywords' Difficulty is around 50 to 65.

Most of Keywords' Global Searches are less than 1000, only two are higher, which are from "PVC Film"-1,9K, "adhesive films"-1,3K.

Most of Keywords' Broad CTR is less than 0,05.

Among the 5 related keywords of PVC Film, "adhesive films" had the second lowest Keywords' Cost/Mo, the lowest Keywords' Difficulty, the highest Keywords' Global Searches and the second highest Keywords' Broad CTR. So I think this keyword is the best keyword to search for PVC Film.

Above all is the introduction of the 5 related keywords about PVC Film, we hope these statistics will be helpful for you when you are doing the marketing promotion. If you want to know more information about PVC Film, you can visit

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