Wood Board Laminating

Wood Board Laminating


PVC sheeting transporting wood-grain texture for lamination use unveil a really high simulation extent of wood-grain and also have a natural sense of log. After passing via a special therapy, they affect the employment in the area of decoration building material and wood board, for example, decoration wallboard, plastics floor with wood-grain, cabinet, kitchen(cooking) utensils.


a. PVC sheeting with wood-grain print pattern for those kind of interior decoration wallboard and partition materials.

b. Wood-grain printed on PVC sheeting for cabinet, kitchen(cooking) utensils, door plank, all sorts of upholstery decoration.

c. Laminating with the surface of all kind of wood floor. The accessible print pattern has a lot of varieties.

d. Signing up to all sorts of decoration board materials for example plywood, lumber core, partical board, medium density fiber board (MDF).

Recommendation and selection to begin with :

By accumulating the development know-how of PVC sheeting for building material nearly 50-year had by the organization, the caliber of product could be strictly controlled and managed beginning from recyclable to end product to be able to shape up a vertical integration production.

PVC sheeting as recyclable can be used as laminating with wood board, which surface carries print pattern and emboss texture enabling to obtain an additional sense of quality and enhance the residence atmosphere.

The high-quality of laminated PVC sheeting with wood-grain which shows an ideal along with a elegant pattern signing up to wall, cabinet, residence disposition in order to enhance the area space, pasting on kitchen place where generates lots of lampblack could be applied out and cleaned easily.

The wood-grain patterns developed and created by the organization possess high geniuses simulation extent and also have a natural sense of log.

By counting some countless PVC sheeting with print patterns can be found and as much as you to select covering Teak, Cherry, Mahogany, Oak, White-colored oak, Cedar plank, Walnut, Hinok, Rosewood, Walnut, Black, Redwood, Padauck, White-colored ash, Alder, Phoenix Tree, Beech, Aniegre, Greenstript Common Bamboo as well as other stone grain, nature grain, abstraction grain and so on.

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