High Gloss PVC Foil

Plasland Plastics is one of the leading PVC foil manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing foils by rolling from a mixture of polyvinylchloride, plasticizers, stabilizers and other admixtures. We manufacture transparent and coloured PVC-P foil with a variable degree of hardness and a wide range of material structures. The material can be finalized by lamination, printing and HF welding.

Plasland Plastics PVC Foil comes with handy features like stain resistance, UV resistance and scratch resistance. Our PVC Foil comes in a choice of colors, patterns and finishes allowing you to design your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living and commercial areas in a splendid way. Plasland Plastics PVC Foil allows you to coat the surfaces of any furniture with finishes such as anti scratch or semi gloss while the reverse can be coated with primer to ensure durability. The high performing coating layers of Plasland Plastics PVC Foil makes the surface of any furniture scratch resistant, moisture resistant and durable.

Find out the more about Plasland Plastics PVC Foil, a new type of PVC decorative film by contacting us today at sales@pvc-films.com. We also support customized production. Please be free to enjoy our cheap price and good service.

Get an exclusive PVC foil sheet for commercial and domestic purposes

Most of the people nowadays acquire the professional firm to get PVC foils use for various purposes. In addition, the PVC sheeting takes a vital role in giving best solution for decorating the property without any hassle. However, it meets flexible option to deliver wonderful development the industry standards. Of course, the PVC film offers a wide range of manufactured applications to meet the flexibility and soft by adding plasticizers. It has provided by extensive inventory choice of a vinyl sheet that is used for doors and industry applications. Perhaps, the PVC foils are double polished and include specifications that meet clients to set professional industry needs. They are transparent, opaque colors, embossed and double polished one. Therefore, this allows the customers to grab attention on our site for buying pvc foilat affordable rates. We are here to offer complete collections in PVC sheets without meeting trouble to the customers.

Large collections of PVC foils

On the other hand, the PVC materials are designed as per thermoplastic materials that it can highly manipulate with heat. This is an ideal for a wide range of applications so most customers are getting high hardness structure forever. Based on the client’s desire, the PVC sheets and materials are less thickness and transparent in offering best quality PVC films. Therefore, it is a good opportunity for us in case of buying pvc foiland sheets forever. Our entire products are widely used in a manufacturing process and allow the customers to get high-quality PVC foils forever. Moreover, it has improved quality and new style design for getting better development in the industry field. We have diverse collections of PVC materials that are suitable for industry needs without any hassles. Most often, it has decorative collections for panels, marine panels, and door skin membrane pressed options for the customers.

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