• Post time: 10-20-2017

    PVC films are typically the most popular plastic wraps that are manufactured from Polyvinylidene Chloride(PVC). PVC films have excellent stretching qualities which make them typically the most popular packaging films. PVC packaging offers excellent food catering presentation in stock, and in addi...Read more »

  • Global PVC Production In 2022 Is Expected To Exceed 54 Million Tons.
    Post time: 07-25-2017

    Market research firm Research and Markets released the report said: 2016 global production of PVC 41.17 million tons, is expected in 2022 the output of 54.81 million tons, during which the compound annual growth rate of 4.8%. On the demand side, the market value in 2016 was approximately $ 58.63 ...Read more »

  • How About PVC Clear Curtains?
    Post time: 06-20-2017

    PVC Clear Curtains. Performance: Waterproof, anti-static, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, noise, lighting, security warning, to prevent accidents. Application: Applicable to cold storage, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, electronics, machinery, printing, factories, workshops, hospitals, ma...Read more »

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