The Introduction of PVC Leather’ Keyword Difficulty

pvc leather


Plasland Plastics has a wide variety of PVC Leather. We are providing the high quality PVC leather products for all of your upholstery needs to the vehicles or furniture items as a leading company. Plasland Plastics adds specific features to its artificial leather range to meet the usability standards. Our products have unique features such as stain resistance and temperature stabilization for automotive, while cold crack and high abrasion resistance for footwear. Being a professional PVC Leather manufacturer, Plasland Plastics is going to share the difficulties of the keyword PVC Leather with you today. Please see the form below:



Difficulty, %



pvc leather





From the statistics, we can see that the keyword PVC Leather is a little hard for SEO.


For the difficulty is more than 68%, which is quite hard, and the search volume is not too low, closing 600 per month averagely. At the same time, the results of the keyword are above 3,000,000 that means the competition will be too much.


Thus, we estimated that the keyword difficulty of PVC Leather should be over 65%. And it might need more than 6 months to be ranked on the top 10.

Post time: Dec-19-2017