The Application of Polyvinyl Chloride Film

PVC packaging film. Plastic protective film is mostly made of polyvinyl chloride resin, by adding plasticizers, stability and other additives through the processing of plastic from. Because of its material properties, determines the use of PVC packaging film in contact with food safety issues, the PVC packaging film waste on the ecological environment will also have serious adverse effects. It is based on this, many international environmental protection departments have promulgated the relevant laws prohibit or limit the extensive use of PVC. The PVC material itself is safe as a food material, but there may be a danger in heating. Vigorously develop alternative PVC packaging film of new products is gradually reduce the environmental problems caused by PVC the fundamental way out. In recent years, many domestic enterprises are committed to this research and development work, from the technical narrowing the gap with developed countries. Due to the relevant state departments of the positive attention and guidance, instead of PVC shrink film and twist conjunctiva of new materials, such as OPS shrink film, twisted conjunctiva, PETG twisted conjunctiva have come out, not only for China to vigorously promote green consumption, control of plastic waste pollution It is of great significance, and it is of great significance to increase the export capacity of our products and overcome the environmental barrier.

PVC shrink film packaging has the characteristics of heat and shrink. Its principle is to use the film in the production process of the film above its softening point above the melting point of the temperature, the molecules produce orientation arrangement, then the rapid cooling of the film, the molecules are “frozen” when the film is reheated to be stretched When the temperature will produce stress relaxation, that is, the orientation of the molecular orientation of the solution, so that the film shrinkage, the degree of orientation is large heat shrinkage, and vice versa small degree of heat shrinkage is small. PVC heat shrink film is characterized by high strength, good transparency, waterproof moisture, anti-pollution ability. Has excellent insulation properties, use it as a packaging material, not only can simplify the packaging process, reduce the packaging volume, and because the heat shrinkage after the transparent film wrapped tightly wrapped items, you can clearly show the color and shape of goods, it is widely used The packaging of goods.

PVC anti-rust shrink film is produced in the PVC shrink film, and then coated with a layer of anti-rust surface of the film and get rust film. It can prevent the packaging of goods corrosion, but also by the heat shrinkage after the transparent film wrapped tightly wrapped items, you can clearly show the color and shape of goods, transparent and intuitive. PVC anti-rust shrink film production process, in the coating before the PVC shrink film with the same production process, as the base film, the thickness is generally 0.05mm. In the coating on the anti-rust liquid, can be used oval anilox coating method. Antirust liquid dosage is about 2 ~ 4%, coating thickness 0.005 ~ 0.01mm.

PVC self-adhesive food packaging film has excellent mechanical properties, puncture resistance, transparency, water vapor permeability, flexibility, self-adhesive, are all kinds of plastic self-adhesive performance in the best. Widely used in vegetables, fruits, bread, raw fish and other fresh food packaging, especially often used for food or pieces of small pieces of small containers wrapped around the package can also be used for harmonious items, industrial medicine bottle cap packaging The As the product is mainly used for food packaging, so all raw materials must meet the health materials, PVC self-adhesive food packaging film production process there are two ways. Extrusion drooling method is suitable for the production of thicker self-adhesive film, you can directly get a single piece and the thickness of the finished product. Production is easy to roll, but equipment investment. Extrusion blow molding method can produce thin to 0.01mm self-adhesive film, simple operation, wide adaptability, equipment investment is relatively small, but must increase the sub-tube-like membrane device, winding film prone to abnormal adhesion.

PVC rolling film is produced by the calendering process, is the plasticized by the polyvinyl chloride plastic through the multi-pair of the horizontal rotation of the horizontal roller gap, the material subject to extrusion, extension of the role of a certain thickness, Width and smooth surface of the film products. Characterized by high yield, good quality, but the processing equipment complex investment. In accordance with the national standard GB / T3830, the polyvinyl chloride rolling products are divided into more than 0.25mm sheet, 0.25mm below the film, and plasticizer content of 0 to 5 copies of the hard products, 6 to 25 copies of semi-hard products , More than 25 of the soft products. The main purpose of PVC film is used for packaging, daily necessities, toys, interior decorations and so on. General manufacturer of the implementation of product standards: soft PVC calendar film national standard GB / T3830. This product is made on a soft polyvinyl chloride film after a variety of colored flowers are printed on a gravure printing machine. Mainly used for civilian, military (camouflage raincoat), industrial and so on. General manufacturer of the implementation of product standards: PVC printing film SG 311 and soft PVC printing film QB1127. Plastic film gravure printing machine is generally 3 to 6 units, each color is a printing unit, each printing unit from the base film transfer guide roller, expansion roller, rubber pressure roller and lifting device, the version of the device, scraper, scraper And static elimination device, air drying device, between the tension control device and flower roller and other components. General plastic film gravure presses are arranged in front of the PVC rolling film production line.

Soft PVC blown film can produce transparent film or translucent film according to the difference of adding stabilizer. The former is mainly used for agriculture, while the latter is mainly used in industry. The performance of the soft polyvinyl chloride blown film varies with the amount of plasticizer and other additives added to the variety. Generally, the higher the plasticizer content, the better the elongation of the film, the tear strength and the low temperature resistance, but the hardness, tensile strength and impact strength decrease. As the PVC blown film with soft, transparent, printable and high-frequency welding advantages, so the use of a very wide range. In agriculture can be used as an ordinary nursery film, vegetable greenhouse film, ginseng cover film. In the industry can be used as moisture-proof, waterproof cover film and a variety of industrial products packaging film.

Rigid PVC transparent packaging film is a plasticizer does not add a rigid PVC plastic products, it has a high transparency, strong, strength, kink stability, good toughness, impact resistance and tear resistance, Good air tightness, non-toxic odorless, can save fresh and so on. Mainly used for candy, cigarettes and other food packaging. Production process is generally used extrusion extrusion process.

Polyvinyl chloride medical film is the use of non-toxic PVC resin, non-toxic plasticizer, non-toxic stabilizer and other processing aids, made by calendering process. Can be used for the production of blood transfusion bags, infusion bags and other medical products. These medical products are easy to carry, not broken, especially in the field of ambulance and military departments.

Polyvinyl chloride wood film is made of polyvinyl chloride film as the base film, printed by the large grain printed on the pattern of wood, and then combined with the transparent film, pressed with a wooden texture of the “brown eye” pattern, get wood The Will be laminated on the plastic board, wood, steel and other sheet metal, giving a real sense of wood, to achieve the effect of real ones. Wood grain pattern can be based on different tree patterns of the ring design, through the multi-color printing press, you can get a variety of tree species of wood, is a very good decorative film.

Polyvinyl chloride folder film is measured by the raw material ratio, the high-speed kneading machine kneading, and then by the extruder plastic, calendering machine into a thin film, two layers of film and the middle layer of a network of composite products, Is the second layer of polyvinyl chloride film, the middle folder into a layer of fabric network, by rolling compound and get the product. As the product production cycle is short, energy saving, low cost, the product has a light weight, tensile strength, large corrosion resistance, waterproof, easy heat and other advantages, widely used in the production of waterproof material products, anti-rain cloth, moss and so on.

Post time: Aug-30-2017