PVC resin prices continued strong rise

Shandong letter made 600,000 tons / year PVC plant started at full capacity, limited supply, offer continue to hike 100 yuan / ton, 5-type material factory reported 6600 yuan / ton cash; Leshan Yongxiang PVC plant at full capacity Inner Mongolia Yidong Dongxing PVC plant to open around 8-9%, offer up, the current 5-type power stone factory is reported to 6350 yuan / ton, 5-type electric stone to Sichuan Province to 6,700 yuan / Ton acceptance, limited shipments.


According to the General Plastics Index of the business sector, the General Plastics Index for September 22 was 840 points, up 2 points from yesterday, down 24.60% from the peak of 1114 points (2013-12-12) Month on the 23rd lowest point of 726 points up 15.70%. (Note: the cycle refers to the date 2011-12-01)

According to the business community PVC Commodity Index, September 22 PVC commodity index was 81.32, up 1.11 points yesterday, compared with the cycle of the highest point of 100.00 points (2011-09-05) decreased by 18.68%, compared with December 20, 2015 Day low of 58.27 points up 39.56 percent. (Note: the cycle refers to the date 2011-09-01)

Domestic PVC market conditions continue to be good, forced by the impact of new regulations, the East China, South China arrival is limited, traders continue to limit the price offer. At the same time the second round of environmental supervision will be kicked off in October, some local governments have preconceptions, to start their own environmental supervision, Shandong PVC enterprises that have started to be affected. The current situation of short-term supply of PVC difficult to alleviate the supply of individual enterprises in September has been completed pre-sale. Short-term market is still the rally-based market.

Post time: Feb-09-2017
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