PVC Film with Pearl Color

PVC pearl plastic film:

PVC film pearl plastic film pearl film added a special pearl powder, the finished product has a special flashing pearl effect. PVC pearl plastic film beads are available in a wide range and can be used in any PVC product.

Color: can refer to the international Pantone (PANTONE) color number or according to the customer to provide color samples
Width: 18 “to 80″ inches
Thickness: transparent / semi-transparency / opaque :0.09mm to 0.5mm
Hardness: 18PHR to 70PHR
Embossed: more than 100 kinds of wide embossed for customers to choose.
Special Formulation: All PVC tape can be added with special formula to meet specific international standards. Some recipes need to be priced separately. Please refer to the following details.

- European EN-71 1 ~ 11 standard, REACH Regulations.
- ASTM 963 / D3421-75 / D1790.
- RoHS Restriction of Hazardous Substances.
Standard for PAHs Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.
-DEHP <3%, DEHP <0.1%
- Japan Toy Safety Standard.
- British fire and flame retardant standards Flammability Test BS5852
- Low toxicity tape standard 3P <1000PPM (BBP, DBP, DEHP)
- Non-toxic environmentally friendly PVC tape standard (phthalate content <0.01%)
6P <1000ppm (dinp, dnop, dehp, didp, bbp, dbp)
- Non-toxic environmentally friendly adhesive tape standard (phthalate content <0.01%)
15p <1000 ppm (dbp, dmp, dep, dehp, dinp, bbp, dpp, dnop, dnp, didp, dchp, dprp, dhp, dibp, diop)
- Cold test (available minus minus -20 degrees Celsius).
- Anti-UV.
- Mildew resistant.
- Potassium permanganate <10ppm
- Non-phenol standard (NONYLPHENOL) / low phenol standard (PHENOL <5ppm)
- Non-Azo Standard AZO-FREE.
- Non-organic tin.

PVC Film with Pearl Color

Post time: Aug-10-2017