How About PVC Clear Curtains?

PVC Clear Curtains.

Waterproof, anti-static, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, noise, lighting, security warning, to prevent accidents.

Applicable to cold storage, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, electronics, machinery, printing, factories, workshops, hospitals, markets, restaurants and other industries any place. Width: 20cm, 1.22 m, 1.72m. Length: 20m-50m. Thickness: 0.2-1.0mm, 1.5,2.0,3.0mm-5mm.

Orange, transparent , opaque milky white, light green and transparent.

Energy saving:
PVC curtains do not consume power, no noise, no action components, improve the freezing efficiency, reduce the number of freezer, saving up to 50%.

Fire Retardant:
Fireproof Fireproof Association, Japan Fire Protection Association BT-820061 inspection qualified, Japan Fire Department AE-13-0279 approved, suitable for chemical plants, the use of buildings (flame retardant index JISD1201)

Wind and dust:
Overlay (OVERLAP) installation structure, good air tightness, together with the weight of the curtain itself, in the bad weather wind speed, nor will the degree of bending and affect the normal operation.

Static prevention:
Static electricity to prevent the pvc clear curtain friction does not produce static electricity, suitable for the role of static electricity is strictly prohibited.

Anti-ultraviolet curtain, as the welding of the welding area of ​​the screen, only allow the scenery through, filter out the harmful ultraviolet light, easy to watch the operation situation, and to prevent sparks, flue gas, broken, debris flying spread, protect the safety of personnel to prevent fire occur.

Sound insulation:
PVC clear curtains can reduce the noise decibels, to prevent noise diffusion, reduce noise pollution, as the machine compartment screen, improve the sound insulation operations.

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Post time: Jun-20-2017