How About Clear Vinyl PVC Tablecloth?

In order to protect the table will not scratch or dirty, will use the tablecloths, table cloth have are many types, often we use the tablecloth is pvc tablecloth, many people would like to know how about the pvc tablecloth, the following will give you a information.

PVC tablecloth


Pvc tablecloth – heat resistance

Compared to other properties, PVC material heat resistance is relatively poor, generally 80-95 degrees, sometimes more than 70 degrees began to deformation, whether it is re-decoration or kind of function, are very unbearable. In the traditional culture of China, the table is a very common thing called the table flag, placed in the diagonal or midline of the table, creating an ancient and mysterious atmosphere. In addition to decoration, another important function is to protect the table, which is not unrelated to the Chinese cooking methods. Fried, cooked, fried, fried Chinese dishes pan temperature is generally high, if the use of PVC tablecloth, the service life will be greatly reduced. PVC tablecloth heat resistance is not good, more often recommended for Western-style cold home use.

Pvc tablecloth – waterproof

Most people may not feel, but for those who often do housework, the table stained with oil and water such a thing is of course to avoid. PVC raw material is a resin, with a good plastic products with good waterproof performance. PVC tablecloth if you accidentally stained with vegetable juice, it is easy to be able to clean, do not need as cotton tablecloths, clear after the time still need to dry, save time and save trouble.

Pvc tablecloth – texture

Objects through the material to convey the touch, but also a sensory judgment of the object. PVC tablecloth a lot of advantages, but with the soft and delicate cotton tablecloth compared to it is more “blunt”. The cotton sheet PVC table cloth to solve this problem, this PVC tablecloth to cotton as the substrate, “blunt” the image of softening, like the soft effect of the owners can consider this PVC tablecloth.
The above is from three aspects to analyze the pvc table cloth is good, through the above points, we should understand that pvc tablecloth is very good, but pvc tablecloth is not no shortcomings, we can according to their own needs to decide whether to use Pvc tablecloth, hope that the contents of the above can give you help.

Post time: Feb-13-2017
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