Calendered Clear PVC Film For Blind & Patio.

PVC film is a stable, durable and chemically resistant material, and with UV resistant, one that is widely used in outdoor applications. The addition of “plasticisers” in a proportion of about 30% by weight provides flexibility, but also significantly changes the material’s characteristics.

There are essentially two types of flexible PVC suitable for Clear Blinds, Calendered and Extruded are commonly used. Calendering is the process whereby PVC resin is heated to a semi-liquid form, and passed over a series of metal rollers to form a thin sheet of material. Extrusion is the liquid is pushed or pulled through a die.

For clear PVC, the difference is apparent in the surface finish, calendered PVC clear film resulting in a smoother and glossy surface, and therefore better visual clarity.

Calendered Clear PVC Film For Blind & Patio

Calendered Clear PVC Film For Blind & Patio 1

Post time: Feb-18-2017
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