Advantages of High Glossy PVC Foil

Rich colors, because the plastic door panel shows the color and texture is determined by the surface of the PVC foil skin, so the color and texture of the plastic cupboard is relatively rich, the choice of room is relatively large, cabninet board can be divided for the matte and light two effects, basically to meet the different customers on the color texture requirements.

Can be made three-dimensional modeling, because the density of fiberboard can be made, the surface of the plastic plate can be made into a variety of three-dimensional modeling, to meet the different needs of different styles of customers, because the plastic plate after blister molding can be door Live as one, do not need to re-edge, to solve some of the long-term closure of sheet metal and easy to water and other issues.

Easy maintenance, plastic plate anti-scratch wear, heat, dirt, anti-fade, no cracking is not deformed, seamless PVC film molding process without edge, there is no open plastic problem. And routine maintenance is simple, so the plastic plate can be said that the market is the most mature cabinet material.

Affordable, if the home is selected European or pastoral style decoration design, it is bound to buy a complex shape of the cabinet, in general, only solid wood and plastic material to be competent, solid wood cabinet high cost, if you do not budget More, plastic cabinets is a good choice.


High Glossy PVC Foil

Post time: Aug-14-2017
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