• Post time: Nov-10-2017

    PVC is the six major general-purpose thermoplastics, general-purpose plastic features are: (1) better overall performance, wide range of applications; (2) easy molding, forming a wide range of applications; (3) low prices. PVC is such an easy to shape; better overall performance; easily modified ...Read more »

  • Post time: Oct-20-2017

    PVC films are typically the most popular plastic wraps that are manufactured from Polyvinylidene Chloride(PVC). PVC films have excellent stretching qualities which make them typically the most popular packaging films. PVC packaging offers excellent food catering presentation in stock, and in addi...Read more »

  • Top 5 Organic Competitors for PVC Film Suppliers in Oct, 2017
    Post time: Oct-15-2017

        Here are the top 5 organic competitors for PVC Film Suppliers in October, 15th, 2017 on   1. PVC Film on Manufacturer*, Custom Manufacturer Manufacturer of all plastic film substrates includi...Read more »

  • Post time: Sep-21-2017

    Are you ready to learn how to sew vinyl? Then you’ve come to the right place! Vinyl fabric is very versatile and is ideal for indoor and outdoor sewing projects.  You can make everything from patio cushions and pillows to beach bags to raincoats and baby bibs. ”Vinyl” is really just a blanket ter...Read more »

  • Outdoor Window Clear PVC Blinds Waterproof Transparent Monsoon Blinds
    Post time: Sep-14-2017

    High clear PVC film for Weather Blinds, Monsoon Blinds, Outdoor Blinds and PVC Roller Blinds. PVC monsoon blinds and balcony blinds combine tough protection with complementary style for demanding exteriors. Strong and long-lasting , PVC clear monsoon balcony blind provide complete protection agai...Read more »

  • Post time: Sep-07-2017

    PVC film formulation Poly vinyl chloride is the world’s most widely used industrial time, the most widely used general-purpose thermoplastic. Pure poly vinyl chloride resin decomposition and plasticization temperature is very close, when heated to 130 ℃ ~ 140 ℃, it will break down, release ...Read more »

  • Post time: Aug-30-2017

    PVC packaging film. Plastic protective film is mostly made of polyvinyl chloride resin, by adding plasticizers, stability and other additives through the processing of plastic from. Because of its material properties, determines the use of PVC packaging film in contact with food safety issues, th...Read more »

  • Post time: Aug-22-2017

    Nowadays, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a kind of plastic which is often used. It is made of polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizer and antioxidant. Water-soluble plasticizer, but soluble in oil and ethanol and other solvents, so food packaging, production equipment and a variety of food containers ...Read more »

  • Advantages of High Glossy PVC Foil
    Post time: Aug-14-2017

    Rich colors, because the plastic door panel shows the color and texture is determined by the surface of the PVC foil skin, so the color and texture of the plastic cupboard is relatively rich, the choice of room is relatively large, cabninet board can be divided for the matte and light two effects...Read more »

  • PVC Film with Pearl Color
    Post time: Aug-10-2017

    PVC pearl plastic film: PVC film pearl plastic film pearl film added a special pearl powder, the finished product has a special flashing pearl effect. PVC pearl plastic film beads are available in a wide range and can be used in any PVC product. Color: can refer to the international Pantone (PANT...Read more »

  • New Tent With Transparent PVC Material
    Post time: Aug-07-2017

    New tent with a transparent PVC material, which looks like a solidified large bubble. When you are in this magical tent, you will have a wonderful feeling both at home and in the wild. If you want such a tent, you spend at least $ 2,000 (about 13,000 yuan), and you also need to configure some oth...Read more »

  • Soft Glass Clear PVC Sheet For Table Cover
    Post time: Aug-02-2017

    Soft glass clear PVC sheet applies to cover tables, desk, it is extremely transparent,the PVC crystal sheet with scientific design, the use of imported PVC new health and environmental protection materials.PVC crystal sheet resistance to compression characteristics; can be suitable for a variety ...Read more »

  • What is PVC Wood Grain Film?
    Post time: Jul-31-2017

    Features: This kind of PVC wood grain products imitation wood effect realistic, clear color, good flatness, waterproof moisture, good flame resistance, good weather resistance, resistance to stamping strong, easy to fade, without pattern and other characteristics. Application: cabinets, wardrobe,...Read more »

  • PVC Wood Flooring Is Excellent, Do You Know That?
    Post time: Jul-27-2017

    Tiles or flooring, when faced with such a dilemma, especially for small partners in the south. Floor effect is good, good foot feeling, high quality, is the best material, but I am afraid can not withstand the south of the wet, and the price is higher. As a result, most southern families will cho...Read more »

  • Global PVC Production In 2022 Is Expected To Exceed 54 Million Tons.
    Post time: Jul-25-2017

    Market research firm Research and Markets released the report said: 2016 global production of PVC 41.17 million tons, is expected in 2022 the output of 54.81 million tons, during which the compound annual growth rate of 4.8%. On the demand side, the market value in 2016 was approximately $ 58.63 ...Read more »

  • Soft PVC Film
    Post time: Jul-24-2017

    Soft pvc film in the various sectors of the national economy and national defense industry has a very important significance. A variety of soft PVC film and its main use, as shown in the table below. Various specifications of the use of soft polyvinyl chloride film. Thickness (mm): 0.1mm Transpar...Read more »

  • Transparent spherical PVC Inflatable Tents
    Post time: Jul-21-2017

    Transparent spherical PVC inflatable tents look very unique, on the outside can have a closer contact with nature, so many people are very like the full transparent spherical tents, but the full transparent spherical inflatable tents have several kinds, the kind of the whole Transparent spherical...Read more »

  • Super Transparent PVC film
    Post time: Jul-19-2017

    Super transparent PVC film, also known as the core membrane or crystal film, is the international appearance of PVC film products in recent years, a high-grade varieties, the product brightness is good, transparent and transparent, such as glass, Of the multi-layer thickness under the crystal cor...Read more »

  • PVC Transparent Plastic Film
    Post time: Jul-16-2017

    PVC transparent plastic film is a new generation of high-tech products, it replaces the traditional glass bulky fragile, wounding and other shortcomings it has many advantages. It applies to all tables such as tables, desks, writing desks, bedside tables and coffee tables. It is extremely transpa...Read more »

  • How About PVC Clear Curtains?
    Post time: Jun-20-2017

    PVC Clear Curtains. Performance: Waterproof, anti-static, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, noise, lighting, security warning, to prevent accidents. Application: Applicable to cold storage, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, electronics, machinery, printing, factories, workshops, hospitals, ma...Read more »

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