Furniture PVC Leather

Furniture PVC Leather

furniture pvc leather

We offer a wide range of PVC leather cloth, commonly known as PVC coated fabric and PVC artificial leather or PVC synthetic leather.

1, PVC leather cloth has unique capability to add a rich and comfortable feel to the places.
2, PVC leather intended to be used as a substitute for leather in fields such as automobile, upholstery, vehicle trimmings, boat seating, furnishing and other use where a leather like finish is required.
3, PVC Artificial leather is also used in manufacture of shoes uppers, belts and other similar consumer products.
4, PVC Artificial leather are manufactured in a rages of colors, embossing, feel, fabric look and finish depending on the area of application.


Product Features:

Long-lasting Durability and shine
Easy to assemble
Water resistant
Biological and chemical resistant
Flame retardancy, cold flex
Anti-oxidant and UV stabilized
Anti-fog agent and micro biocide

Applications for:

1, Automobile Industry
Seat covers
Door covers
Dash board and many other related automobile parts

2, Luggage Industry
Suite cases & bags
Wallets and ladies purses
Hand bags, laptop bags,
Mobile covers, eye wear cases

3, Furnishing industry
Upholstery of sofa
Chairs and seats